About Us

Quality Production Is Our Ultimate Goal!

About Us

Best of America LLC also known as Livestock and Chick (Commercial name) is a livestock company that has been existing for over 10 years and it is committed in providing high-quality, ethically-raised livestock products. Our farm is located in Alabama, where we have access to ample space and resources to provide the best possible environment for our animals.


Innovative Solutions

At our livestock farm, we are always looking for innovative solutions to improve the quality of our cow, chicken, and Boer goat rearing. We believe that by using the latest technology and best practices, we can provide our customers with high-quality, ethically-raised livestock products.

Quality Unsurpassed

At our livestock farm, we believe that quality is paramount. We take great care in raising our cows, chickens, and Boer goats, and we use only the highest quality feed, minerals, and other supplements. We also follow strict animal welfare guidelines to ensure that our animals are healthy and happy. Our meat products are processed in our state-of-the-art facility, which ensures that they are of the highest quality and taste.

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